Books & Authors #46 – June, July & August Wrap-Up

My dear bookworms! I know my blog has gone a little dead in the last two months, but there was so much going on in my life! I might write a post about it soon, giving you a little life update, and hopefully I will be able to catch up on all the Reviews I…… Continue reading Books & Authors #46 – June, July & August Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #45 – May Wrap-Up

Hey my bookdragons! It’s time for my May wrap-up and I was a pretty good reading month! And I already have a feeling that June will be fantastic – already read one amazing book and am planning on reading some more masterpieces. But now let’s have a look at my May reading month. Es ist…… Continue reading Books & Authors #45 – May Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #41 – February & March Wrap-Up

Hello book-nerds! Guys! It’s the third of the month and I’m posting a wrap-up! Can you believe it? For once this is not super late. Be proud of me! Leute! Es ist der Dritte des Monats und ich poste meinen Wrap-Up! Könnt ihr das glauben? Einmal ist es nicht super spät. Seid stolz auf mich!…… Continue reading Books & Authors #41 – February & March Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #38 – November & December Wrap-Up

Hello book-nerds! Welcome to my very last wrap-up of 2017! That I’m already posting in 2018, because I’m lame. But we all know how I’m always late with these things – ups. Willkommen zu meinem aller letzten Leseabschluss von 2017! Den ich schon 2018 poste, weil ich lahm bin. Aber wir wissen ja alle, dass…… Continue reading Books & Authors #38 – November & December Wrap-Up