Books & Authors #32 – June Wrap-Up

Hello booklovers! June was a very small reading month. I’m in the middle of exams phase at the moment and the weeks before have been really busy, so I had barely time to read. That’s why I’ve only read two books in June. I also started the third book of the Again Trilogy, but I…… Continue reading Books & Authors #32 – June Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #31 – May Wrap-Up

Hello my lovely booklovers! What a crazy reading month is has been! So many amazing books that totally took my breath away – and then these two books that have been okay and then the one book I wanted to throw into the next corner. But I’m trying to forget I’ve ever read that and…… Continue reading Books & Authors #31 – May Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #29 – April Wrap-Up

Hello my book-nerds! A little late, like always, I’m presenting my April Wrap-Up to you! I actually already can’t wait to show you May, because it has been a very hot reading month so far! Ein bisschen spät, wie immer, präsentiere ich euch meinen April Wrap-Up! Ich kann es eigentlich gar nicht mehr abwarten euch…… Continue reading Books & Authors #29 – April Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #27 – March Wrap-Up

Hello my book-nerds! Today I have my March Wrap-Up for you. I felt like I’ve read so much more than I actually did. Maybe it is the book fair feeling that made me feel like reading twenty books. Heute habe ich meinen März-Abschluss für euch. Ich hatte das Gefühl, als hätte ich viel mehr gelesen,…… Continue reading Books & Authors #27 – March Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #25 – January & February Wrap-Up

Hello book-nerds! I’m putting these months together, because I’ve only read two books in January – and most of them still in December. So, yeah – January was a terrible reading month. But February was a lot better. Ich setzte diese Monate zusammen, weil ich nur zwei Bücher im Januar gelesen habe – und das…… Continue reading Books & Authors #25 – January & February Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #21 – November & December Wrap-Up

Hey my lovely book-nerds! Before I will write about my reading year 2016 and about the best books of the year – here is my wrap-up for November and December. Bevor ich über mein Lesejahr 2016 schreiben kann und die besten Bücher dieses Jahres – ist hier mein Abschluss für November und Dezember. —November Wrap-Up—…… Continue reading Books & Authors #21 – November & December Wrap-Up