Book Review #45 – Trust Again

Title | Titel: Trust Again Author | Autor: Mona Kasten Series | Reihe: Again, #2 Info: The first book is published in English by – find my Review for it here. | 458 Seiten – Zeitgenössisch NA – LYX Plot: [Taken from the book.] She’s done with love – he refuses to give up…… Continue reading Book Review #45 – Trust Again

Books & Authors #32 – June Wrap-Up

Hello booklovers! June was a very small reading month. I’m in the middle of exams phase at the moment and the weeks before have been really busy, so I had barely time to read. That’s why I’ve only read two books in June. I also started the third book of the Again Trilogy, but I…… Continue reading Books & Authors #32 – June Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #23 – Lesung: Mona Kasten

Hello my lovelies! Today I have a special post, because last Friday I’ve been to a reading by author Mona Kasten. She has read her book Trust Again. If you do not know her then you need to know that she’s really nice and cool and writes amazing books. Furthermore she’s a Fangirl and doesn’t…… Continue reading Books & Authors #23 – Lesung: Mona Kasten