Books & Authors #31 – May Wrap-Up

Hello my lovely booklovers! What a crazy reading month is has been! So many amazing books that totally took my breath away – and then these two books that have been okay and then the one book I wanted to throw into the next corner. But I’m trying to forget I’ve ever read that and…… Continue reading Books & Authors #31 – May Wrap-Up

ACOWAR Countdown – Day 5

Hello, Sarah J. Maas lovers and those who still want to become one! It’s day 5 of the #WaitingForStarlight ACOWAR countdown. You can check out all days of the Countdown and its creators here: (x) Es ist der fünfte Tag des #WaitingForStarlight ACOWAR countdowns. Du kannst alle Tage des Countdowns und die kreativen Köpfe dahinter…… Continue reading ACOWAR Countdown – Day 5

Books & Authors #24 – #InternationalWomensDay – My favorite Women of Literature

Hello to all you book loving women out there! Today is international women’s day and to honor this day I’d like to talk to you about my favorite women of literature. Of course there are so many amazing female characters out there, but these are the ones that inspire me and helped me through hard…… Continue reading Books & Authors #24 – #InternationalWomensDay – My favorite Women of Literature

Book Review #24 – Six of Crows

Title: Six of Crows Author | Autor: Leigh Bardugo Series | Reihe: Six of Crows Duology Info: 462 pages – Young Adult Fantasy – Henry Holt | Das Buch ist leider noch nicht auf Deutsch publiziert, ist aber nicht zu kompliziert geschrieben und sollte so auch mit etwas schlechteren Englischkenntnissen einfach zu verstehen sein. Read…… Continue reading Book Review #24 – Six of Crows

Books & Authors #19 – The I can’t go to Bookfair book haul

Dear book-nerds, If you are from Germany, then you know that it’s Book fair week. This week Frankfurt opens its doors for all you lovely book nerds out there. But I can’t go this year sadly – because my nephew’s baptism is this Sunday. I still hope you’re all having a good time and fangirl…… Continue reading Books & Authors #19 – The I can’t go to Bookfair book haul