Bookish Orders #7 – Read the Stars

Hello bookmark collectors! Just some days ago I posted about my bookmark collection – guess what, I’ve got some new ones! I love them and I think you will too! Erst vor ein paar Tagen habe ich euch meine Lesezeichensammlung gezeigt – stellt euch vor, ich habe ein paar Neue! Ich liebe sie und ich…… Continue reading Bookish Orders #7 – Read the Stars

Bookish Orders #5 – Bookbuddies

Hello bookmark collectors! Yes, I did it again! I ordered bookmarks. But since I discovered Etsy I just can’t stop myself, because, guys! There are so many beautiful bookmarks there and I want them all! I actually discovered this shop over Instagram and I fell totally in love with the style of this artist. Ja,…… Continue reading Bookish Orders #5 – Bookbuddies

Bookish Order #2 – Ivylicious Candles & Till&Dill Bookmarks

Hello my lovely Booklovers! Now I’ve got two Etsy shops for you that I’ve fallen totally in love with – especially one of them.  One sells bookish Candles and the other bookmarks, postcards and prints, but I only ordered bookmarks. Jetzt habe ich zwei Etsy Shops für euch, in die ich mich beide total verliebt…… Continue reading Bookish Order #2 – Ivylicious Candles & Till&Dill Bookmarks