Tags #2 – The Goodreads Book Tag [only English]

Hello my lovely book-nerds! Today I’ve made another Tag – the Goodreads Tag! I found it at thereaderdragon and wanted to do it. I love tags a lot. They are great when you don’t know what to post or just want to do something different than usual. I’m not going to tag anyone (I always…… Continue reading Tags #2 – The Goodreads Book Tag [only English]

Tags #1 – The Hamilton Book Tag

Hello, HamTrash and Booklovers! This took me a lot of thinking. Some have been hard to answer and some… Well, I would say, when I answer them at a different time, then I will probably find different books or characters. But right now I took the things that came up to my might right away.…… Continue reading Tags #1 – The Hamilton Book Tag