Books & Authors #41 – My Top 10 Books of 2017

Dear my lovely bookworms! Today I want to share my top 10 favorite reads of 2017 with you! It was so hard to choose just ten, because I’ve read so many good books. In the end I put together the series of which I read several books and then I was finally able to narrow…… Continue reading Books & Authors #41 – My Top 10 Books of 2017

Book Review #46 – By Your Side

Title | Titel: By Your Side Author | Autor: Kasie West Info: 342 Pages – YA Contemporary – Harper Teen | Das Buch ist nicht auf Deutsch publiziert, aber sehr einfach geschrieben. Plot: It’s every bookworms dream: Being stuck in the library for the whole weekend. But for Autumn, who has a anxiety disorder, it’s…… Continue reading Book Review #46 – By Your Side

Book Review #45 – Trust Again

Title | Titel: Trust Again Author | Autor: Mona Kasten Series | Reihe: Again, #2 Info: The first book is published in English by – find my Review for it here. | 458 Seiten – Zeitgenössisch NA – LYX Plot: [Taken from the book.] She’s done with love – he refuses to give up…… Continue reading Book Review #45 – Trust Again

Book Review #44 – Library Lion

Review by Miss Mini. Title | Titel: Library Lion | Der Löwe in der Bibliothek Author | Autor: Michelle Knudsen Illustrator | Illustrator: Kevin Hawkes Info: 48 Pages – age 4 and up – Candlewick Press | 42 Seiten – Vorlesebuch ab 4 – orell füssli Kinderbuch Plot: This book is about a lion who…… Continue reading Book Review #44 – Library Lion