Book Review #15 – Chaos Walking (Series)

Series | Reihe: Chaos Walking | New World Author | Author: Patrick Ness Info: Sci-Fi – Walker | Sci-Fi – Ravensburger #1: The Knife of never letting go | Die Flucht #2: The Ask and the Answer | Das dunkle Paradies #3: Monsters of Men | Das brennende Messer + the three short stories: #0.5:…… Continue reading Book Review #15 – Chaos Walking (Series)

Tags #2 – The Goodreads Book Tag [only English]

Hello my lovely book-nerds! Today I’ve made another Tag – the Goodreads Tag! I found it at thereaderdragon and wanted to do it. I love tags a lot. They are great when you don’t know what to post or just want to do something different than usual. I’m not going to tag anyone (I always…… Continue reading Tags #2 – The Goodreads Book Tag [only English]

Quote of the Month #3 – August & September 2016

This time I have two quotes for you, as I forgot to post one for last month. Dieses Mal habe ich zwei Zitate für dich, da ich letzten Monat vergessen habe eins zu posten. One is from The Lunar Chronicles – as the books have dominated my reading in the last two months, which obviously…… Continue reading Quote of the Month #3 – August & September 2016

Books & Authors #19 – The I can’t go to Bookfair book haul

Dear book-nerds, If you are from Germany, then you know that it’s Book fair week. This week Frankfurt opens its doors for all you lovely book nerds out there. But I can’t go this year sadly – because my nephew’s baptism is this Sunday. I still hope you’re all having a good time and fangirl…… Continue reading Books & Authors #19 – The I can’t go to Bookfair book haul

Books & Authors #18 – Meine erste reBuy Bestellung [Only German]

Hallo ihr Bücherwürmer, die ihr viel zu gerne Bücher kauft! Mein Post heute ist nur in Deutsch, da es sich um meine erste Bestellung bei reBuy dreht. Sie senden zwar, glaube ich, auch in andere Länder, aber ich denke, dass der Hauptmarkt vor allem in deutschsprachigen Ländern liegt. Bis jetzt habe ich noch nie etwas…… Continue reading Books & Authors #18 – Meine erste reBuy Bestellung [Only German]

Books & Authors #17 – September Wrap-Up

Good evening my lovely book-nerds! Believe it or not but I’ve read 6 books last month from only three authors. Yeah, well, I went on with my Lunar Chronicles Marathon and then I had a little Patrick Ness phase, but I also finally read Cursed Child! So yes, this really was a very great reading…… Continue reading Books & Authors #17 – September Wrap-Up