Books & Authors #16 – August Wrap-Up

Hello book-nerds out there, Here’s my Wrap-Up for August, a pretty good reading month dominated by one specific author. You’ll see! Hier ist mein August-Abschluss, ein sehr guter Lesemonat dominiert bei einer speziellen Autorin. Ihr werdet es sehen! Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter This book was so much fun to read!…… Continue reading Books & Authors #16 – August Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #15 – Interview with author Bridget Blackwood

Good morning, my lovely book lovers! Today I have something special for you, before I’ll go into holidays with my family tomorrow. We’ll be in Austria for the next week. We have an apartment at a horse ranch! It’s partly present for my little sister, because she’s starting school this month. I’m still hoping to…… Continue reading Books & Authors #15 – Interview with author Bridget Blackwood

Book Review #9 – The Winner’s Kiss

Title: The Winner’s Kiss Author | Autor: Marie Rutkoski Series | Reihe: The Winners Trilogy, #3 Info: 484 pages – Young Adult Fantasy – Bloomsbury Children’s (first published by Farrar Straus Giroux Books for Young Readers) | Die Trilogie ist nicht ins Deutsche übersetzt, ich kann sie aber nur jedem empfehlen. Nicht zu kompliziert geschrieben…… Continue reading Book Review #9 – The Winner’s Kiss

Tags #1 – The Hamilton Book Tag

Hello, HamTrash and Booklovers! This took me a lot of thinking. Some have been hard to answer and some… Well, I would say, when I answer them at a different time, then I will probably find different books or characters. But right now I took the things that came up to my might right away.…… Continue reading Tags #1 – The Hamilton Book Tag

Events #3 – Comic Con Germany: Part 2 – Meeting Bob Morley

Hello, my cute Nerds! So this post will not completely be about meeting Bob. It will also be about my experience of my first ever photo session at a convention. Well, it’s my first convention so, it’s obviously also my first photo session… Also, dieser Post wird nicht komplett darüber sein, wie es war, Bob…… Continue reading Events #3 – Comic Con Germany: Part 2 – Meeting Bob Morley

Book Review #8 – Britt-Marie was here

Title: Britt-Marie was here | Britt-Marie war hier Author | Autor: Fredrik Backmann Info: 336 pages – Contemporary Adult Fiction – Atria Books | 384 Seiten – Zeitgenössische Fiktion für Erwachsene – Fischer Krüger Plot: Britt-Marie is dainty, tidy and of course has no prejudices. After a marriage crisis she has not much more than…… Continue reading Book Review #8 – Britt-Marie was here

Books & Authors #14 – July Wrap-Up

Hello book-nerds out there, July was an okay reading-month. I finished a book I started long before, read two poetry collection and one complete book. But I had exams, papers to write and then there was my birthday and other things – so not much time. Still, I’m satisfied. Juli war okay, was das lesen…… Continue reading Books & Authors #14 – July Wrap-Up