Books & Authors #8 – New Books Part 2

Hello my lovely books-nerds! Here is finally my post to my other new books! I’m still very excited about all of this books, so be ready for more me sounding like Ceasar Flickerman! (But this time there are sadly no funny Selfies with my sister, I’m really sorry.) Hier ist endlich mein Post über meine…… Continue reading Books & Authors #8 – New Books Part 2

Book Review #3 – Redemption

Title: Redemption Author | Autor: Andi O’Conner Series | Reihe: The Lagacy of Ilvania, #1 Info: 18 Pages – Fantasy – Purple Sun Press | Nur in Englisch publiziert. Ich empfehle es eher, wenn man die Sprache sehr gut versteht, sonst könnte es schwierig zu lesen sein. Read from April 24th 2016 to April 26th…… Continue reading Book Review #3 – Redemption

Books & Authors #7 – New Books Part 1

Hello my lovely books-nerds! I got new books! Amazing new books! I’m totally excited about it! I got some books I’ve been waiting for really long and now they are finally mine! And they are so beautiful and I was so happy I took funny selfies with my sister! I’m just so excited! Are you…… Continue reading Books & Authors #7 – New Books Part 1

Books & Authors #6 – #Shakespeare400

William Shakespeare, one of the most important and famous dramatists of all time, died on April 23rd 1616 – 400 years ago today. Everyone these days knows who he was (and if not, this person probably has been living under a rock) and he still moves people of all ages with his works. 400 years…… Continue reading Books & Authors #6 – #Shakespeare400

Movie Review #1 – Zootopia

Title: Zootopia | Zoomania Year | Jahr: 2016 Genre: Animation, Action, Adventure, Comdy, Family | Animation, Action, Abenteuer, Komödie, Familie Lenght | Länge: 108min Rated | FSK: USA – PG-rated | UK – PG-rated | Deutschland – FSK 0 Production Company | Produktionsfirmer: Wald Disney Pictures, Walt Disney Animation Studios Director | Regisseur: Byron Howard,…… Continue reading Movie Review #1 – Zootopia

Book Review #2 – Tess of the d’Urbervilles

Title: Tess of the d’Urbervilles | Tess von d’Urbervilles: Eine reine Frau Author: Thomas Hardy Info: 592 pages – Classic for Adult – Penguin Classics – Turned into a movie 4 times and 4 times into TV shows. | 510 Seiten – Klassiker für Erwachsener – Piper – 4-mal als Filme und 4-mal als Serien…… Continue reading Book Review #2 – Tess of the d’Urbervilles