Book Review #17 – The Lagacy of Ilvania (Series) [only English]

Series: The Lagacy of Ilvania Author: Andi O’Conner Info: Fantasy – Purple Sun Press – 4 Books, so far – Short Story Series #1: Redemption – 18 pages #2: Reclamation – 22 pages #3: Retribution – 23 pages #4: Revenge – 29 pages Full Review of book one can be found here: (x) Plot: [This…… Continue reading Book Review #17 – The Lagacy of Ilvania (Series) [only English]

Book Review #16 – Me Before You

Title: Me Before You | Ein ganzes halbes Jahr Author | Autor: Jojo Moyes Info: 400 pages – Romantic contemporary Fiction – Penguin Books | 544 Seiten – Romantische, Zeitgenössische Fiktion – Rowohlt Read from June 15th 2016 to June 23rd 2016. | Gelesen vom 15. Juni 2016 bis zum 23. Juni 2016. Plot: Louisa…… Continue reading Book Review #16 – Me Before You

Book Review #15 – Chaos Walking (Series)

Series | Reihe: Chaos Walking | New World Author | Author: Patrick Ness Info: Sci-Fi – Walker | Sci-Fi – Ravensburger #1: The Knife of never letting go | Die Flucht #2: The Ask and the Answer | Das dunkle Paradies #3: Monsters of Men | Das brennende Messer + the three short stories: #0.5:…… Continue reading Book Review #15 – Chaos Walking (Series)

Tags #2 – The Goodreads Book Tag [only English]

Hello my lovely book-nerds! Today I’ve made another Tag – the Goodreads Tag! I found it at thereaderdragon and wanted to do it. I love tags a lot. They are great when you don’t know what to post or just want to do something different than usual. I’m not going to tag anyone (I always…… Continue reading Tags #2 – The Goodreads Book Tag [only English]

Quote of the Month #3 – August & September 2016

This time I have two quotes for you, as I forgot to post one for last month. Dieses Mal habe ich zwei Zitate für dich, da ich letzten Monat vergessen habe eins zu posten. One is from The Lunar Chronicles – as the books have dominated my reading in the last two months, which obviously…… Continue reading Quote of the Month #3 – August & September 2016