Books & Authors #32 – June Wrap-Up

Hello booklovers! June was a very small reading month. I’m in the middle of exams phase at the moment and the weeks before have been really busy, so I had barely time to read. That’s why I’ve only read two books in June. I also started the third book of the Again Trilogy, but I…… Continue reading Books & Authors #32 – June Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #31 – May Wrap-Up

Hello my lovely booklovers! What a crazy reading month is has been! So many amazing books that totally took my breath away – and then these two books that have been okay and then the one book I wanted to throw into the next corner. But I’m trying to forget I’ve ever read that and…… Continue reading Books & Authors #31 – May Wrap-Up

Books & Authors #30 – The best friends of Literature

Hello booklovers! Today is a very special day for me – it’s actually the most important day in the complete year. It’s my best friend’s birthday. Her name is Meriem and she’s my Parabatai, my reading buddy, my soul mate, my sister. She always has my back, is always there for me, has amazing dance…… Continue reading Books & Authors #30 – The best friends of Literature

Books & Authors #29 – April Wrap-Up

Hello my book-nerds! A little late, like always, I’m presenting my April Wrap-Up to you! I actually already can’t wait to show you May, because it has been a very hot reading month so far! Ein bisschen spät, wie immer, präsentiere ich euch meinen April Wrap-Up! Ich kann es eigentlich gar nicht mehr abwarten euch…… Continue reading Books & Authors #29 – April Wrap-Up