Bookish Orders #5 – Bookbuddies

Hello bookmark collectors! Yes, I did it again! I ordered bookmarks. But since I discovered Etsy I just can’t stop myself, because, guys! There are so many beautiful bookmarks there and I want them all! I actually discovered this shop over Instagram and I fell totally in love with the style of this artist. Ja,…… Continue reading Bookish Orders #5 – Bookbuddies

Books & Authors #24 – #InternationalWomensDay – My favorite Women of Literature

Hello to all you book loving women out there! Today is international women’s day and to honor this day I’d like to talk to you about my favorite women of literature. Of course there are so many amazing female characters out there, but these are the ones that inspire me and helped me through hard…… Continue reading Books & Authors #24 – #InternationalWomensDay – My favorite Women of Literature

Book Review #18 – The Night Circus

Title: The Night Circus | Der Nachtzirkus Author | Autor: Erin Morgenstern Info: 387 pages – YA Fantasy – Doubleday | 461 Seiten – Fantasy für junge Erwachsene – Ullstein Read from October 2nd 2016 to October 5th 2016. | Gelesen vom 2. Oktober 2016 bis zum 5. Oktober 2016. Plot: Two magicians living in…… Continue reading Book Review #18 – The Night Circus