Book Review #17 – The Lagacy of Ilvania (Series) [only English]

Series: The Lagacy of Ilvania
Author: Andi O’Conner
Info: Fantasy – Purple Sun Press – 4 Books, so far – Short Story Series

#1: Redemption – 18 pages
#2: Reclamation – 22 pages
#3: Retribution – 23 pages
#4: Revenge – 29 pages

Full Review of book one can be found here: (x)


[This is mostly focusing on book one, to not give away any Spoilers.]

A magical group called the Mé’Draak, breaking defenseless boys to being neither alive nor dead. Jae has to watch helpless how it happens to his cellmate, while he still resists. Sold by his parents to his tormentors, he can’t be sure how much longer he can take the cruel sessions. What will happen to him when he breaks in? Or is there some way out? Can he be saved? Jae can’t look into his future, but he knows, that he won’t go without a fight.

My Thoughts:

If you’ve read my Review of book one, you might have seen that I liked it a lot. I won book one and four and after reading the first I got the other two pretty fast and read them soon afterwards.

The first book had a high level. Greatly written with an amazing plot, set in an interesting world. You can always get me with magic and well written characters – and here I have it! So yes, I was very excited to go on reading.

When you read a first book you always expect the next books to have a higher level or keep it the same. You’ll be disappointed if it’s different. So yes, I was a little disappointed, but the other three books are not bad at all!

Of course the story and writing is still great, I wouldn’t dare to say anything else. But for me, there was something little missing, that I had in the first book.

The books are very short and in the first you got a lot of information and action packed together in a way you wouldn’t think is possible. It makes you curious for more, especially the ending. Jae immediately became a favorite character for me. And in the second book I got another one – but this fitting of information and action lessen a little. Most of the information of the world was in the first book, obviously, but I still missed it. It was something that made the first book special.

Then I had trouble with how the plot was carried on. It wasn’t bad but sometimes it took ways that didn’t felt fitting for me. The thought if something really had to happen like this came into my mind once or twice.

However, the books are all amazingly written and the world is great worked out. It has twists, things you don’t see coming, very well worked out characters and magic! Stories for fantasy lovers, that are not too heavy. A fast read to clear your mind between heavy (high) fantasy books – but it still will feel like reading a 200 pages book.

I can’t wait for more and hope to read other books by Andi in the near future.

#1: 5 starts – ★★★★★
#2: 4 starts – ★★★★
#3: 4 stars – ★★★★
#4: 4 stars – ★★★★




Book Cover taken from Andi’s website.


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