Book Review #76 – State of Sorrow

Title: State of Sorrow Author: Melinda Salisbury Series: Sorrow, #1 Info: 452 Pages – YA Fantasy – Scholastic Plot: [Taken from the book.] By day, Sorrow governs the Court of Tears, covering for her grief-maddened father, who has turned their once celebrated land into a living monument for the brother who died before she was…… Continue reading Book Review #76 – State of Sorrow

Book Review #75 – Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Title | Titel: Wonder Woman – Warbringer | Wonder Woman – Kriegerin de Amazonen Author | Autor: Leigh Bardugo Info: 369 Pages – YA Fantasy – Random House | 448 Seiten – Fantasy Jugendbuch – dtv Plot: Diana is an Amazon, a legendary warrior. But she’s the only one born on the island they life…… Continue reading Book Review #75 – Wonder Woman: Warbringer

Book Review #74 – The Surface Breaks

Title: The Surface Breaks Author: Louise O’Neill Info: 309 Pages – The Little Mermaid Retelling – Scholastic Children’s Books Plot: [Taken from the Book.] Deep beneath the cold, stormy sea, Gaia is a mermaid who dreams of freedom from her controlling father. On her first swim to the surface, she is drawn towards a human…… Continue reading Book Review #74 – The Surface Breaks

Bookish Orders #20 – Fairyloot September “Starcrossed Swoons” Unboxing

Hello my Booknerds! It’s already time for another Fairyloot unboxing and it’s such a good one this month! I’ve already read the book of the month and loved it! Es ist schon wieder Zeit für eine Fairyloot und diesen Monat ist es eine so gute! Das Buch des Monats habe ich schon gelesen und liebe…… Continue reading Bookish Orders #20 – Fairyloot September “Starcrossed Swoons” Unboxing

Book Review #72 – Die Krone der Sterne

Titel: Die Krone der Sterne Autor: Kai Meyer Reihe: Die Krone der Sterne, #1 Info: 461 Seiten – Sci-Fi – Fischer TOR Plot: [Von der Rückseite des Buches – in diesem Buch passiert so viel, das könnte ich selbst niemals zusammenfassen!] Das galaktische Reich Tiamande wird von der allmächtigen Gottkaiserin und ihrem Hexenorden beherrscht. Regelmäßig…… Continue reading Book Review #72 – Die Krone der Sterne

Book Review #71 – The Year of Shadows

Title: The Year of Shadows Author: Claire Legrand Illustrator: Karl Kwasny Info: 406 Pages – Scary Middle-Grande – Simon & Shuster | Das Buch ist nicht auf Deutsch publiziert. Plot: One year ago Olivia’s mother vanished, now her father moves her and grandmother to the city’s music hall where he’s the maestro – to save…… Continue reading Book Review #71 – The Year of Shadows